Sunday, 20 December 2009

It's "Brill" to be home !

We're back and it's bloody freezin!
Travelling from 35°C to -3°C in one day just ain't right ! Anyway, even though it's cold, the weather today was ideal for a stroll in the countryside. It was one of those really clear blue sky days, so we headed to "Brill on the Hill". It's about ten miles from Oxford and sits on the highest point for miles and miles. There's some nice views from the top and it also has a good pub and a pretty windmill to keep us entertained.

There's isn't really any snow in Oxford, but the hills have had a dusting, which made for a nice stroll, but stressful driving on the untreated back roads. Anyway here's some photos of us wearing much, much more clothing than we've had to for quite a long time. I reckon Athena looks like a character from Fiddler on the Roof and I must remember to shave before close up shots....