Sunday, 6 April 2008

Final Word

Well folks, we've been back in England for a month now. Loads of people have been asking us, "Did you enjoy the trip ?" and "Are you happy to be back ?". Short answers to the questions are, " Yes, it was fantastic. " and " No, of course not. It's miserable."
After six months travelling around doing and seeing exciting things on a daily basis, coming back to the drudge of work has hit us hard. We have to get up early every morning ! We have to drive to work with hundreds of other people on crowded roads ! When we get to work, people are stressed and we're expected to be stressed too ! Bah ! It's a mug's game alright.
At least Honda F1 do seem to be starting to get their act together which makes everybody's hard work a little less pointless.. Oh, and Athena seems to have found a short term job printing money for some mugs in Swindon, or at least that seems to be the practical outcome of the exercise.
On the plus side, it's been great to see all our mates and Oxford is as lovely as ever. We woke up this morning to find that it had snowed overnight, so we look a stroll through the University Parks, through into the city centre. Here are some photos.

Here's a view from our house over St Hugh's College on the left and of the house on the right.

Here's a compare and contrast of the River Cherwell as it runs through the park. The shot on the left was taken today and the shot on the right was taken in May last year.

On the left below is a photo taken across the University Parks with Keble College in the distant backgroun. In the middle is a view of Merton College taken from Christ Church Meadows. On the right is Saint Mary's church.Very pretty.

The pubs are open now, so it's time to indulge in a snifter of the beer I was hankering so much for whilst on the other side of the planet. Perhaps we can start planning our next trip over a pint or two of Scrutock's Old Dirigable ! Maybe things aren't so bad after all....