Thursday, 7 February 2008

Fox Glacier - Mt Cook and Mt Tasman

It was a long slog down the west coast of the South Island to get us down to the Fox Glacier. Along the way we had to deal with swarms and swarms of Road Maggots ( ponderous caravans and motorhomes in Kiwi parlance ), but at least they gave us something to do along the journey.....
We got up early and headed to Lake Mattherson as it was rumoured to be the best spot for views of Mt Cook ( highest in NZ ) and Mt Tasman. Here's the view we got. Whatcha reckon ? Worth it ?

After that it was a quick drive and a walk up a valley to see the Fox Glacier. It wasn't as pretty or as impressive as the glaciers we saw in Patagonia ( spoilt aren't we ? ), but it was great to be able to walk up close to the snout. As with the Patagonian glaciers, you could hear it popping and creaking as it melted in the sun. Don't get too close !

Here's a quick view of Mt Tasman ( left peak ) and Mt Cook ( right peak )