Monday, 11 February 2008


Queenstown nestles down between some pretty huge mountain ranges at the head of a lake. Great location for skiing in the winter. In the summer, the town is just as busy because Queenstown was the birthplace of Bungy. AJ Hackett set up the first commercial jump from a local bridge over a deep river gorge about 20 years ago and this has spawned a huge industry in the town that takes substantial amounts of tourist's cash in return for scarying them witless in some manner or other.

Athena wasn't too interested in this ( underpant stocks are running low ) and I've previously bungied, river sledged etc, so I decided to try a paraglide from the top of Coronet Peak. It was an awesome experience. Slightly nerve-wracking as you try to sprint off the top of the mountain, but once you're airborne it's a very serene experience and the views were exceptional.

While I was doing this, Becky and Athena took a light aircraft flight across to Milford Sound ( Dog and I had done this years back and although expensive, heartily recommended it ). Once there they took a boat for a short cruise along the sound to enjoy the scenery from sea-level. The views were right up there with Patagonia. Helps to get such good weather though !