Wednesday, 7 November 2007


We got up at 4.30am so we could head off to some Geysers for dawn. Bloody hell it was cold ! The hostel was on the edge of a lagoon at about 4500m, so before the sun had got chance to warm things up, the temperature was way below zero. Had to wear long trousers !!
The jeep took about an hour to climb up through a 5000m pass under the shadow of the Michina volcano. The sight of the geyser field at sunrise made it all worth it though. It was still way below zero, so we all took delights in warming ourselves in the jets of hot steam. The bubbling pools of hot mud looked very inviting, but the stench of sulphur kept us away...

Here´s a general sweep of the area.

And here´s a shot of The Dog warming his cockles and mussels in a steam jet....