Friday, 18 January 2008


There are two routes heading back from Bega to Syndey. The route via Canberra was only going to add a little, so we thought we'd pop in to see the nation's capital for a few hours. Malcolm had advised us that the War Memorial was worth a visit. It was. It's a great museum with lots of interesting hardware ( including a DeHaviland Mosquito ! Woah ! ), but the plaques of names around the outside of the museum remind everyone what the place is really about.
Canberra itself is a 'new'city. It didn't exist until after the term of the century when, to prevent an argument between Sydney and Melbourne, the national capital was placed there. The whole city was planned out so it's a bit like a Milton Keynes but on a very grand scale. Best bit is the parliament building which is actually buried in a hill. I suspect Australia is governed by Hobbits. Hope they don't find out...