Sunday, 20 January 2008

Sydney Finale

Well, we're off to Auckland tomorrow, so it was time for a last supper in Oz. We were invited around to Vince and Janice's ( Shelby's Mum and Dad ) for more fantastic Aussie hospitality. Janice created a fantastic roast lamb dinner while we enjoyed a sound and light show as a massive storm passed over us. We were also entertained by a passing Cockatoo which was nice. It was a lovely evening, though everyone was a bit tired after the previous night's performance. Especially cousin Dean who finally got home to bed at 11am. . .. What a hero !

The joy of being fed was tempered somewhat by having to prise open my wallet to buy a new pair of trainers. My old pair have had holes in since we left South America and the rainstorm cruelly exposed their weaknesses. I played 'The Last Post' on a kazzoo as I lowered them into the bin...

Sulphur Crested Cockatoo Action Vid.