Friday, 18 January 2008


My old boss from Reynard lives about 1/2 way between Melbourne and Sydney ( still about 7 hours drive from Melbourne ) so we called in for a couple of nights to see what Malcolm, Joey, Charlotte, Chloe and Boo were up to.

They now live on a cattle farm about half an hour from the coast and about half hour from Bega, the nearest town. The house is fantastic. We saw some photos of the property when they first moved out and there's certainly been a lot of thought and effort put into it over the last few years.

The farm covers about two hundred and seventy acres of beautiful countryside. They keep about seventy head of low maintenance beef cattle on the farm, though Malcolm reckons that this is really more of a hobby at the moment, rather than a serious attempt at making a profit. There are also six horses which Joey, Charlotte and Chloe compete with in local and national events. I counted about five cats too, including one with only one eye. There was also a great selection of HUGE spiders.....

Malcolm has also built a great bloke's shed on the farm for his toys. The Auto Union's at one end, the current hot-rod project is in the middle and a variety of tools, benders, drills and a drawing board live at the other. Happy as a pig in shit just about sums it up.

For visitors, Hotel Oastler offers a penthouse apartment on the highest point of their property. It's called the Murray Shack after Malcolm's brother and the views from it are awesome. One of my fondest memories would be sitting on chemical loo at the back of the shack in the morning and admiring the scenery. We forgot to take the camera the first day, and the second morning was a bit overcast, so I've borrowed some of Malcolm's photo's to show it off. There's a sweep of video at the bottom of the post too.

We had a great time there. For those of you that knew Malcolm in the UK, rest assured that he's still pleasantly unhinged. Joey, Charlotte, Chloe and Boo were great fun and made us feel very welcome. It was a real shame that we had to move on back to Sydney, but our time in Oz is now running out fast.

Murray Shack Vista.